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Top 3 Men's Sea Salt Sprays

Summer is the season for sea salt sprays. They are perfect for achieving that beachy look and loads of texture in the hair. So, Man For Himself has picked out some of the best for you guys.

A sea salt spray will be one of your most versatile products in your grooming collection. Every guy needs one.

There are some great ones on the market, but we’ve picked out our top 3.

These have been tried and tested, and have never failed us. The best thing about a sea salt spray is that is can be used on any hair type.

What Is A Sea Salt Spray & How Does It Work?

A sea salt spray is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a pre-styling/styling spray that contains salt and other compounds.

The salt actually absorbs the natural oils in your hair which means it slightly dries the hair and gives it that ‘crunchy‘ and wavy texture.

You can use a sea salt spray in many ways; as a pre-styler whilst the hair is still damp, as a styling product once your hair is dry, or like a dry shampoo to bring life back into oily unwashed hair.

Sea salt products can vary in the amount of salt they contain, which can make them either gritty or smooth. Which one you choose, will depend on what sort of effect you are after. For an exaggerated wave, use one with a higher salt content.

Man For Himself’s Top 3 Sea Salt Sprays

1. Evo Salty Dog

At Man For Himself, we love the ethos behind evo haircare. They have stripped their products back and use the best ingredients to achieve great results. Salty Dog is a lightweight spray that provides a lot of bounce and volume to the hair. It will leave a matte finish and that effortless beachy look.

2. Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

This sea salt spray is extremely affordable and will help to create the perfect tousled wave. You won’t need to worry about this product drying out your hair, and it won’t feel brittle. Hair will be separated, with plenty of definition and a light hold. This one works really well in damp hair.

3. SachaJuan Ocean Mist

SachaJuan‘s sea salt spray has been a favourite at MFHHQ for a long time. It actually contains sugar for added texture. It smells amazing and will leave you with volumised hair that will last all day long. If you are looking for that holiday, post-beach, hairstyle, this is the one. This works really well with other styling products too.

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