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Stylish Homeware To Display Your Fragrances

If you enjoy collecting fragrances, like I do, it’s important to make sure you look after them. I’ve picked out some great ways to store them, including my favourite fragrance trays.

Fragrances can be pricey and actually quite fragile, so to make them last you want to make sure you are storing them correctly. I’ve put together some top tips on how to make them last longer and this starts with storing them in the proper place.

If you watch my videos, you will know I keep a fragrance ‘podium‘ at home. A number of you have asked about this, so I’ve picked out some great storage/display trays that will work perfectly for your collection of Eau de Parfums, Eau de Toilettes and Colognes.

How To Store Your Fragrances – Top Tips!

  • Always make sure your the lid is on properly, whilst it’s stored.
  • Store your fragrances out of direct sunlight – ideally in a dark place. The sun can heat up your fragrance and break the chemicals down, causing it to deteoriate.
  • Do NOT keep them in your bathroom – the temperature can fluctuate in your bathroom and cause unwanted chemical reactions within your fragrance.
  • Keep them stored upright – this will prevent any leakages.
  • Store in a dry place – water damage will destroy your fragrance.
  • Don’t store them high up on a shelf – just in case they fall and break.
  • Ideally, keep them in its original box – this will create its own dark environment and protect the fragrance.
  • Keep them organised!

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Fragrance Storage Trays

I’ve found the best way to store my fragrances is on a display tray in my bedroom. Fortunately, my chest of drawers is away from direct sunlight, so they are safe there.

A fragrance tray will keep them organised and you can arrange them with your most used at the front, or however else you like to categorise them. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing!

I have a glass square tray, but there are all sorts of varieties of display trays available: stone, marble, leather, plastic, mirrored, metal. A bathroom vanity tray will work just as well, but just make sure you don’t store your fragrances on it in the bathroom.

Click on the pictures below and pick out your favourite to start organising your fragrance collection!

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