Medium Length Layers

This medium length hairstyle is perfect for any of you looking to grow your hair out. Subtle layers will help to build volume and create a relaxed and effortless shape. Grow your hair as long as you like but just keep plenty of length in the top so you can style as you please.

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Why We Love It:

If only my hair looked this good. The hard part is growing your hair out, after that, it’s all about regular trims and knowing how to style it like this – casually swept back behind the ears.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Mid-length shape with subtle layers so that it doesn’t look freshly cut.
  • More length on the top and at the front.

Get The Look

  • Simply work back with a medium hold cream product.
  • Alternatively, for a neater finish, blowdry smooth and use a pomade to style and keep in place.
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