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Top 10 Common Hairstyling Mistakes

Keep your hair in tip-top condition by avoiding these common hairstyling mistakes!

Years and years of experimenting with different styles, products and colours can lead to mistakes that can potentially damage your hair. And while change is good, we need to be extra cautious when it comes to the things we put and do to our hair. 

To prevent you from damaging, drying, or messing up your hair even more, we put together a list of the top 10 most common hairstyling mistakes and what you should do to avoid them.


1. Ignoring Your Hair Type

Your hair type is at the root of everything you do and it is so important to take into account the type of hair you have when it comes to styling, colouring and trying something different. For example, if your hair is naturally blonde and thin, avoiding gels is your best bet. This will only draw attention to your scalp and give the impression of even thinner hair. Instead, try using a thickening tonic to naturally boost and plump the hair, setting it before applying gels.

2. Picking The Wrong Style

This is such a frequently made mistake as people just want to copy styles that are on-trend, despite the fact they might not suit them. There’s nothing wrong with mixing your hairstyle up, but make sure you stay true to your own taste and personality. Sporting a style that doesn’t match your face structure or look will never work.

3. Missing Haircuts

Behind every good hairstyle is a good haircut. Frequent trips to the barbers will make your hair easier to style and mean that you need to use fewer styling products. Get your hair trimmed often and it will be far easier to manage.

4. Styling With Dry Hair

Styling your hair dry can give a rough and unfinished look. If you’re styling with a cream, putty, or paste, make sure your hair is damp to give it a shiny and glossy finish. However, if you find yourself in a real rush then going dry with products like a pomade or a soft wax is doable.


5. Using Too Much Product

One mistake that probably goes unnoticed often is putting in too much hair product. It is so important to layer your hair products, but you have to start with a small amount and add more only as needed. This makes it easier to manage and it’s always easier to add than it is to take away!

6. Not Warming The Product

You can be using the best product around but if you haven’t warmed it up then it simply won’t work just as well. Take a small about of product and rub it between your hands to warm it up before styling – never put cold product directly onto the hair!

7. Not Evenly Distributing The Product

When you’re in a rush, you tend to just slap on the product without evenly distributing it. We’re all guilty of this at one point. What ends up happening now is you get an uneven, messy finish. Make sure that whatever product you’re using coats the whole of your hair and is distributed through all sections of your hair when styling.

8. Touching Wet Hairspray

Hairspray is a fixing product and shouldn’t be used to style your hair. When you start touching and moulding wet hairspray, you will end up styling with it and it will leave you with spiky, crispy and wet-looking hair.

9. Playing With Your Hair

Touching your hair throughout the day is extremely tempting but it will only ruin your hairstyle. If you’ve achieved the look you want that morning, then contain the urge and leave your hair alone. You can use a comb to touch up any strays if you’ve styled with a pomade or a wax but don’t mess with it too much or the look won’t stay.

10. Rushing

The last, most common mistake of hairstyling mistakes is rushing the process. Get up five minutes earlier than usual and spend some time on yourself. Getting the hairstyle you want will make sure you feel confident and ready to take on the day!