Zane Phillips: Wavy Mini Mullet With Side Part

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Never considered a mullet hairstyle? Glamorous actor Zane Phillips gives all the inspiration you need with this modern, mini version.

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Why We Love It:

Actor Zane Phillips isn’t afraid to mix things up with his naturally wavy hair.

The actor (he plays Chad in Netflix’s Glamorous and also stars in Fire Island and Legacies) rocks everything from short and medium-length cuts to sleek styles, beachy vibes and epic moustaches.

This slightly tousled mini mullet hairstyle with a side part is no exception. It serves up a more subtle and fresh take on the old-school mullet haircut, while still maintaining those characteristic short sides and slightly more length at the back.

Oh, and sidenote: those awesome retro sunglasses just went right to the top of our wishlist.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Keen on Zane Phillips’ mini mullet hairstyle? Look for a barber with mullet experience and take a photo reference, so they can suggest the best approach for your hair texture.
  • A modern mullet like this is less drastic than the old-school version. It tends to mean your hair is shorter at the sides, while the hair at the back is the same length or slightly longer than the hair on top.
  • Zane’s top and sides are nicely blended for a softer, relaxed shape. Your barber may also build in some layers for movement and texture.
  • Zane has styled his wavy hair with a side part, but the beauty of this scissor cut is its versatility – let your barber know you’d like plenty of styling options, so they can cut with that goal.
  • Regular trims will help to maintain your mullet’s streamlined shape, so check how often to book in.

Get The Look

  • Great news: a look like Zane Phillips’ mini mullet can be speedy and simple to style.
  • Use a comb to create your side part on gently-towel-dried hair, then work in a few spritzes of sea salt spray with your hands.
  • Let your hair dry naturally. Or if you’re blow drying (in which case, use a pre-styler with heat protection), build volume by using your hands to move and push your hair as you dry.
  • Warm a pea-sized amount of matte- or natural-finish styling product – like a wax or clay – between your hands, then run it through your hair.
  • Loosely sweep the top hair back off your face for that slightly tousled finish.
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