Brodie Townsend: Curly Modern Mullet

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Australian actor Brodie Townsend plays Ant Vaughn in the Netflix reboot of cult 90s show Heartbreak High. And his modern mullet hairstyle brings another throwback right up to date.

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Why We Love It:

Brodie Townsend’s curly modern mullet takes any preconceptions you might have about the party-in-the-back hairstyle and totally flips them on their head.

A modern mullet offers a more subtle, cool and fresh take on the old-school cut, while still maintaining that iconic length at the back. This style is all about texture, so it’s a great one for showcasing the Heartbreak High actor’s awesome waves and curls.

Sure, it takes patience to grow your hair out ahead of booking in for a mullet haircut. But, once you’re there, it can be a really fun and versatile look to make your own. Besides, nobody wants to be at a party too early anyway, right?

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Brodie Townsend’s curly modern mullet, look for a barber who specialises in working with wavy and curly hair. If they also have experience in cutting mullet hairstyles? Even better.
  • A modern mullet tends to mean your hair is shorter at the sides, while the hair at the back is the same length – or slightly longer – as on top. It’s less drastic than an old-school mullet.
  • The shorter sides can be achieved via a soft scissor cut, taper or skin fade, depending on the look you’re going for.

Get The Look

  • To make the most of Brodie Townsend’s curly modern mullet, apply a small amount of curl cream (around the size of a penny) after rinsing out your shampoo and conditioner. This can help to define and nourish your curls.
  • When it comes to styling, try working a small amount of lightweight mousse or sea salt spray through gently-towel-dried hair.
  • If you’re blow drying, opt for a low-to-medium setting to help ward off frizz and heat damage.
  • A diffuser attachment on the hair dryer can help to spread and control the air flow, so curls stay structured.
  • This look is all about that tousled feel, so use the dryer and your hands to direct and shape with that in mind.
  • For an extra dose of texture, warm a pea-sized amount of matte styling clay or wax in your hands, then run it through your hair.
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