Long Hair With 60’s Inspired Mullet

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This is an extremely technical retro-inspired men’s haircut. The mullet might not be for everyone, but this hairstyle has been perfectly cut and styled to create a soft, yet textured, fashion-forward look.

MFH says

Everything about this style is effortlessly cool. If my hair was like this, I’d never take that roll neck off! The 60s dream right there.

Perfect as is, but to add a more contemporary twist, I’d sprinkle some hair powder in at the roots for an instant lift.

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  • Scissor and razor cut. Razor cutting the ends will create texture.
  • Mullet.
  • Long fringe.
  • Firstly, a halo section is used to separate the crown from the rest of the hair.
  • The fringe is also isolated from the rest of the hair.
  • Horizontal sections are taken at a 90 degree angle and a razor is used to create maximum texture through the ends of the hair.
  • Each section is over-directed to the stationary point, and cut to the desired length.
  • The sides and back are then cut in a similar manner, cutting the ends with a razor, and leaving more length at the back towards the nape of the neck.
  • A rounded shape is created around the perimeter to give a retro 60s style.
  • The halo section is then released and cut using a central profile section.
  • This section of hair is cut into a rounded shape, with a soft and bouncey finish.
  • With thick hair, some of the bulk hair in this section might need to be removed.
  • To finish the cut, scissors are used for detailing and the fringe is also cut free-hand to create a textured and defined look.
  • To style, use a medium brush with a hairdryer to smooth the cuticle and create a bend through the ends.
  • Once the hair is dried, use your fingers, along with some of Kevin Murphy Easy Rider, to enhance the texture and smooth hair throughout.



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