Trevor Noah: Cornrow Hairstyle

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The Met Gala is renowned for women’s looks hitting the headlines – however, Trevor Noah’s cornrow hairstyle stood out because of those beautifully precise braids.

Kudos to whoever pulled that off for him.

All that, and it’s a really great protective style for Afro hair, too.


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Why We Love It:

Trevor Noah’s cornrow hairstyle is a winning style for Afro hair, but those beautifully precise braids are not something to take on yourself if you’re lacking in patience. Or time.

We’d leave it to the professionals, frankly. And we’re sure Trevor’s hair was done by a barber or hairstylist that’s super experienced with Afro hair.

If you’ve not heard Mr Noah before, the South African-born, US-dwelling star is a serious slashie – he’s a comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and former host of The Daily Show (an satirical American late-night talk show/news program).

And Trevor Noah’s hair always looks amazing, whether it’s a full Afro, a curly crop, or this cornrow style.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Trevor Noah’s cornrow hairstyle on his Afro hair has beautifully precise braids of different sizes.
  • To get Trevor’s braids your hair will need to be around 7-8cm long.
  • Your stylist will comb the hair with a wide tooth comb – starting at the ends and working down towards the roots to get rid of tangles.
  • Your hair will need to be washed and conditioned because you need a clean base as those cornrows will stay in for a while.
  • Cornrows last a minimum of 2-4 weeks, but can look good for 6-8 weeks if you look after them.
  • The hair also needs to be conditioned as it’ll be easier to work with.
  • Then your stylist will divide your hair into equal sections and start braiding.
  • Trevor has around 10 braids – a combo of tiny braids at the parting of each section, and then a bigger braid at the middle of each section.
  • But you can discuss with your stylist how you want yours done – check out Pinterest for some inspo before you go.


Get The Look

  • Trevor Noah’s cornrow hairstyle on his Afro hair with those precise braids might not need styling every day, but it does need looking after.
  • Your scalp will need nourishing to keep your hair healthy, so apply a natural shea, castor or coconut oil by dabbing it on the areas between the cornrows.
  • Also, you’ll need to avoid getting your hair saturated in the rain or in the shower if you want to keep it looking neat.
  • Instead of shampoo, try a scalp cleanser or a tonic to exfoliate and hydrate the scalp – look for one you can spray on.
  • Nourishing the scalp is essential too – apply oil directly to it and gently massaging it in – use natural products such as coconut, almond and avocado oils.
  • As your scalp might get a little itchy (and you don’t want to scratch or pick at your hair as it’ll damage your hair and your scalp), make sure you dab some anti-itch oil on your scalp every couple of days.
  • Soak the surface of a clean cotton ball and dab it onto exposed areas of the scalp, especially areas that feel irritated or itchy.
  • For sleeping, always try and wear a durag.
  • And a silk pillowcase is also great to sleep on to keep your cornrow ‘do looking neat, intact and frizz-free.
  • If you want to do undo your cornrows yourself, do so carefully, without pulling and tugging your hair.
  • Wash and deep condition your hair afterwards and apply hair oil.
  • Keep your hair loose for a few days to give it a break before going for more cornrows or braids.



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