Travis Barker: Head Tattoos

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The Blink-182 drummer might be in all the gossip rags currently due to his romance with Kourtney Kardashian.

But MFH’s love affair is with Travis Barker’s head tattoos. He’s a walking work of art…

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Why We Love It:

Sure, Travis Barker’s head tattoos might not be a conventional choice, but we’re here for anyone who chooses to go off piste with their style.

We also have a sneaking suspicion he may have opted for head tattoos as a way to cover up thinning hair or male pattern baldness.

Which is kinda genius, no? Not that he should have felt he had to hide that, but that he may have used hair loss as a way to enable even more artistic expression.

Obviously Travis Barker’s head tattoos are not an option for anyone with a low pain threshold.

But MFH loves that Travis has, quite literally, turned himself into a human canvas.



What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you want Travis Barker’s head tattoos, you clearly need a shaved head!
  • But if it’s your first time and you’re nervous, you can get your barber to do a #1 or #2 cut first so you can get used to it before going for the full shave.
  • But remember, you can’t get it tattooed unless your head is completely clean shaven.

Get The Look

  • For Travis Barker’s head tattoos, it’s best to get your Barber to shave your head directly beforehand.
  • If you DIY, you might be more prone to give yourself little nicks.
  • Make sure your tattoo artist is experienced in tattooing the head area.
  • Be aware the skin on the skull is very delicate, and tends to bleed more easily.
  • It’s also much more painful to be tattooed in this area compared to most other places, so it’s not one for total tattoo virgins.
  • You won’t be able to shave your head for about a month afterwards, until your tattoo heals.
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