The Weeknd: Natural Circular Shaped Afro Hairstyle

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A natural Afro with shaped sides looks amazing on singer The Weeknd. Even though it’s a world away from his former palm tree dreadlocks hairstyle, The Weeknd still manages to make a statement with his more relaxed look.

MFH says

We rate The Weeknd’s Afro with natural shape. It’s the right amount of retro and we love that he’s embracing his natural hair in all its brushed out glory.

To keep medium to long Afro hair in good condition, we recommend investing in some quality hair treatments.

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  • To get The Weeknd’s softly shaped Afro, ask your barber to use clippers to create a soft circular outline.
  • The top cut is usually done with freehand clippers and the shape can be softened with scissors.
  • You’ll barber will neaten up edges and the back of the neck with clippers.
  • Your Afro haircut will need regular maintenance from your barber. You’ll want to be getting a cut every 4 weeks to keep it looking sharp.
  • Use a hair pick to comb hair upwards and outwards to maintain the shape of your natural Afro.
  • Then smooth matte paste in hands and use it to create definition. Go steady as you want hair to have hold, but not look too ‘done’ or smooth. The success of The Weeknd’s look is that it remains casual.
  • We recommend using a leave-in deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your Afro hair in great condition.



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