Taron Egerton: Medium Length Hairstyle With Widow’s Peak

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Actor Taron Egerton has worn a fair few different hairstyles for his versatile film roles, but his classic style is a medium length cut combed back to reveal a widow’s peak.

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Let’s be honest, Taron Egerton doesn’t make as bold choices with his hair as he does with his acting roles (Elton John, Eddie the Eagle… to name just a few) but we think this swept back grown-out hairstyle works really well with his widow’s peak.

Whether you’re thinning or you have a natural widow’s peak, opting for a slightly longer taper and showing off (rather than disguising) your hairline is a great style to try.

Pre-style with a mousse and then tease into shape with a pomade or clay and you can easily recreate Taron’s hairstyle at home.

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  • For a hairstyle like Taron Egerton’s, ask your barber for a medium length scissor cut and make them aware you have a widow’s peak.
  • You want to keep enough length all over, particularly in the top so that you can sweep it back.
  • Taron Egerton doesn’t overstyle his hair, but he definitely uses some product to keep it in place and to add volume.
  • Use a mousse to before drying the hair to build up volume.
  • Apply a small amount of pomade or clay to keep it pushed back and add texture.
  • Use your hands for a more natural look, or a wide-toothed comb to sweep hair back.



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