Seth Rogen: Greying Crew Cut

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The actor, comedian, director, writer, ceramist (and weed entrepreneur) has had a glow-over recently – and Seth Rogen’s greying crew cut was the perfect vibe to rock with his Barbie pink Dior suit at the Golden Globes.

MFH has never seen him look better, frankly.


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Why We Love It:

Seth Rogen’s greying crew cut is a simple tweak that has given the actor with the ‘eternal teenager’ vibe and look a push into adulthood.

And, at 40, he looks the best he ever has. Who woulda thought a decade – or even 5 years ago – that Mr Rogen would rock up at the Golden Globes with a sharp, classic, haircut, let alone in a pink Dior suit?

Seth’s new hairstyle, however, is balanced out by his trademark stubbly-almost-beard.

And it’s still a low-hassle look that doesn’t require much effort (other than regular trims) to look good.

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What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you’re after Seth Rogen’s crew cut the hair is fractionally longer on the top of the head, and is graduated subtly down from the crown to the ears.
  • If you want to make this more on trend, you can ask for a low, medium or high fade.
  • It is best to discuss with your barber what would suit you best.

Get The Look

  • Time-poor? Seth Rogen’s crew cut is a wash and go look.
  • Or if you want it a little more slick, like Seth’s hair, then use a tiny bit of pomade and smooth down your hair with it to make it look neat.
  • You can add a little product to highlight the texture.
  • Use a small amount of firm hold wax/pomade/clay/putty (whatever you like best) and warm it between your fingers first.
  • Then apply to dry hair with your fingers and tousle it a little.
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