Long Quiff With Vertical Layers

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This men’s hairstyle is full of attitude thanks to the volume and texture in the quiff. It’s a versatile style that can easily be taken from day to night.

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Why We Love It:

Full of volume and attitude, this is the epitome of the 2020 quiff!

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Leave length on the top and at the front.
  • Scissor cut.
  • Quiff.

Get The Look

  • Valerio used a triangular section to start the haircut, and separate the fringe from the rest of the hair.
  • The sides and back sections are cut first, with a square shape.
  • Each section is cut parallel and the technique is used all over the head, apart from the top.
  • Vertical sections are taken across the top of the head to create layers and softness.
  • The fringe is connected to the top; using the same technique but leaving more length at the front.
  • Once the hair is dried, the perimeter is detailed using free-hand scissors.
  • Use a comb or brush to push the hair back off the face and maximise the volume at the front.
  • Use a styling powder to really help build volume at the roots and use a matte product with a malleable finish.
  • To take the styling into the evening, use a product with a sheen. This will give dark hair more of a dimension to it.
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