Pierce Brosnan: Swept Back Hair With Widow’s Peak

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No, of course I’m not going to resort to the tired old ‘shaken not stirred’ 007 cliché – this is all about Pierce Brosnan’s swept back hair with widow’s peak, and how great it looks, right?

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Why We Love It:

Pierce Brosnan’s swept back hair with widow’s peak is a masterclass in classic, ageless hairstyling. 

In fact, his hair is a modern update of the look he had as James Bond during 1995 – 2002 – it was softly swept back then, too. 

He just had more hair, which was a lot more layered up top and a hella lot darker. (He stopped dyeing his hair around eight years ago and looks all the better for it). 

But, y’know, we’re talking nearly 30 years ago so it’s a rare chap who keeps all his follicles intact. 

MFH is definitely shook – if not a little jealous – at how stylish, handsome and smooth Mr B still is at 70, helped by that statement white barnet. 

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Pierce Brosnan’s swept back hair with widow’s peak is all about having a bit of length on the top of the head. 
  • MFH reckons you’ll need a good three to four inches to get Pierce’s sweep back look. 
  • The sides are cut into very short layers, and the back has been skilfully tapered to sit tight and close to the head. 

Get The Look

  • Pierce Brosnan’s swept back hair with widow’s peak is  best for thicker hair. 
  • If you have finer hair then it’s all about using a volumising mousse or a texture volume spray like ANFORH on damp hair for some grit and lift. 
  • Then, using a vent brush, dry the hair up, back and away from your face. 
  • As you’re drying the hair, also brush the sides back. 
  • Next, take a pea-sized dollop of pomade, warm it between your fingers and then gently sweep it through the hair.  
  • Add a little more pomade if necessary and finish with a light hold hairspray. 
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