Chris Hemsworth: Quiff With Widow’s Peak

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Even though his alter ego, Norse God Thor, has long, golden, beachy waves, Chris Hemsworth’s quiff with widow’s peak is his much slicker and more stylish go-to, IRL look.

This style has quite a retro, 50s Elvis vibe, too, especially with that little piece of hair hanging down from his fringe. We’re all shook up.

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Why We Love It:

Chris Hemsworth’s quiff with widow’s peak is a classic, stylish look for the 38 year old.

Given his Aussie surfer lifestyle when he’s not on the red-carpet promo trail for his films, Chris’s hairstyle is also an easy wash and go look for a man that spends his mornings surfing. But it can easily look more polished when he needs to ‘posh’ it up a little.

And, in typically Aussie style, his grooming regime is quite laid back, if not a little pricey.

He told that he uses a lot of stuff that belongs to his wife. “She uses a lot of La Mer products, which is great. I use a bit of coconut oil and have a few hair products that shape my hair pretty well. But, it’s pretty minimal. Especially at work, when they are adding makeup, your skin needs a rest. So I keep it minimal when I’m not working.”





What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Chris Hemsworth’s quiff with widow’s peak is a scissor cut.
  • Ask your barber to keep your hair short towards the neck – with graduation up to the temples. (Chris has a very subtle, low fade).
  • The hair on the top needs to be kept longer.
  • But you need to keep length on top at the front for the quiff – and it should be graduated shorter as you get towards the crown.
  • Your stylist might need to do some point cutting to allow a bit more movement, texture and for ease of styling.

Get The Look

  • Chris Hemsworth’s quiff with widow’s peak is pretty versatile. For lazy days you can just let it dry naturally and let the fringe flop down.
  • Or you can slick it right back.
  • Or, like Chris’s red carpet look, you can use a little product to and a hairdryer to lift the fringe area up and back into a subtle quiff.
  • For a little volume, you can use a volumising mousse on damp hair. Then for strength and hold, apply a small amount of  Triumph & Disaster’s Fibre Royale.
  • When the hair is dry, finish off the look with a matt styling clay or pomade – run it through the quiff to give it a bit of polish. (Pull a piece of hair down like Chris has for that 50s vibe).
  • Also run it a tiny amount through the sides of your hair to make everything look smoother and more finished.
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