Jason Momoa: Long Hair With Ombre Dye

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Jason Momoa adds another dimension to his naturally curly hair by ombré dying it. By adding a lighter colour to the ends, the hair is lifted and the texture enhanced. Dyed wavy and curly hair will need plenty of TLC and nourishment.

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Why We Love It:

It’s hard to imagine Jason Momoa with anything but long hair and a big, thick beard.

Here Jason shows how effortlessly cool an ombré* dye job can make a guy look.


* Ombré definitionHaving tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Tell the barber you want to grow your hair very long.
  • You will need a regular trim to keep the hair healthy.
  • Ombré coloured hair – the colour should be a lighter version of your natural hair colour.

Get The Look

  • Don’t try and dye your hair at home, ask a professional to do it.
  • Keep your long hair conditioned by using a hair masque or treatment. Dyed hair will particularly need a lot of nourishment.
  • If you have naturally wavy/curly like Jason Momoa, use a small amount of sea salt spray to define the texture.
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