Joe Jonas: Square Shaped Scissor Cut With Quiff

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Joe Jonas has a classic square shaped scissor cut hairstyle that he likes to style into a quiff. The singer has flirted with platinum, green and even pink hair – but this natural (?) colour and cut is a solid choice too!

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Why We Love It:

Joe Jonas has found his groove with this simple square cut style. Worn with a slight quiff, it accentuates his naturally thick hair.

In the past year alone Joe has flirted with pink, blonde and green hair – he’s certainly not afraid to take a risk. He plays it a lot safer with this hairstyle and colour, but MFH is here for it.

If you’re recreating this classic look, you might want to add grit and texture with sea salt spray and keep everything in place with a matte wax. 

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get Joe Jonas’ style ask your barber for a square scissor cut.
  • Keep a couple of inches of length on top of your head and don’t allow the back and sides to be cut too close.
  • Joe’s haircut is all about a square shape.
  • This style works well with straight, curly or wavy hair types.

Get The Look

  • To recreate Joe Jonas’ hairstyle at home spritz a texturising or sea salt spray on freshly washed hair.
  • Use a hairdryer on a low setting to blow dry your hair. Use your hands to guide hair into a quiff.
  • When your hair is dry, warm some matte wax between your palms until soft and then run through hair sparingly from root to ends to give the style hold and a matte finish.
  • If you want extra hold, reach for the hairspray.
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