Jake Gyllenhaal: Thick Textured Hair With Full Beard

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Even though Jake Gyllenhaal’s textured ‘do might be a bit shorter than he’s had in recent years, it showcases that glossy fullness to its, er, fullest.

Special mention to that neatly trimmed beard, too.


MFH says

Jake Gyllenhaal’s short, textured ‘do makes him look less like a student who’s spruced himself up for a family wedding, and more like the the 43-year-old man he now is.

Helped more than a little by that beautifully maintained beard.

And it is an appropriate look for the man who’s taking the lead in the forthcoming remake of blokey fave, Road House, which should be on Amazon Prime right about now.

It might seem like a risk-free hairdo, but let us not forget that in his time Jake has covered most of the hair spectrum, from the slightly dorky Lego hair look in Donnie Darko, to the buzz cut with high skin fade in Jarhead, and shaggy and shoulder-length from Prince of Persia.

Clearly, his thick, straight hair is not only enviable, but it’s also extremely versatile.



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  • Jake Gyllenhaal’s textured hair is longer on top, shorter at the sides, and hits the top of the collar at the back.
  • It’s likely his hair has been point cut using the scissor-over-comb technique.
  • The layers at the top of the head look to be around an inch to an inch and a half – just the right length to be able to style easily with the right products.
  • If you want to keep your style looking on-point you’ll need to have a trim approximately every 6 weeks.
  • If you have straight, thick hair like Jake’s, you can probably get away with minimal product usage.
  • Just use a tiny bit of matt styling product like clay or pomade and ruffle it through the top of the hair to bring the texture to life.
  • And use the fingers to push the fringe up a little, like Jake has done.
  • If your hair is less fulsome than Jake’s you can apply a thickening mousse to damp hair through the roots.
  • Then spritz a texture spray throughout.
  • Blowdry the hair on medium heat, using your fingers to lift and tousle the hair on the top of the head.
  • When it’s dry, use a tiny amount of styling paste – like clay, or pomade – to enhance the texture more, and to lift the fringe area.
  • Spritz sparingly with some shine spray so you can boost the gloss factor of your hair.



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