Joe Keery: Tousled Mullet Hairstyle With Side Part

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Actor and musician Joe Keery – aka Stranger Things legend Steve Harrington – turns up the volume at the Critics Choice Awards with his textured mullet and sweeping side part.

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Why We Love It:

Joe Keery’s tousled mullet hairstyle is as much of a fan favourite as the Stranger Things star himself.

This look for the Critics Choice Awards 2024 is a more modern take than Steve Harrington’s gravity-defying style on the juggernaut series (check out this snap from the season-five set).

But, it still serves up the awesome volume, texture and nostalgic throwback we all know and love.

PSA for fans of the show: hair designer Sarah Hindsgaul is the creative force behind Steve’s on-screen mullet, Eleven’s buzzcut and more. So, it’s worth deep-diving her Instagram for some epic behind-the-scenes photos and intel.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Joe Keery’s mullet hairstyle, take a photo reference and discuss the best approach for your hair texture.
  • A modern mullet tends to mean your hair is shorter at the sides, while the hair at the back and on top is longer. It’s less drastic than the old-school haircut.
  • The shorter sides can be achieved via a soft scissor cut like Joe, or you could go for a taper or fade – it just depends on the contrast you’re after.
  • Joe also has a side part and fringe, which is styled to the side.

Get The Look

  • Ace Joe Keery’s tousled hairstyle by creating your side part on gently-towel-dried hair, then working in a few spritzes of texturising pre-styler or sea salt spray.
  • Blow dry, using your hands and the dryer to direct and build volume. Focus on creating some lift around your fringe in particular.
  • Warm a small amount of styling product – like a matte-finish powder, clay or wax – between your hands.
  • Work it through your hair, using your fingers to define and add texture to your style.
  • Make sure your fringe is swept off your face and to the side.
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