Glen Powell: Textured Tapered Hairstyle

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Glen Powell’s textured hairstyle looks well groomed, yet still has a subtle hint of sexy, bedhead tousle.

The perfect hair vibe for the big screen’s newest rom-com hearththrob.

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Why We Love It:

Glen Powell’s textured tapered hairstyle can be as tousled or as sleek as you want.

Mr Powell has opted for a gentle tousle for his red carpet appearance at the People’s Choice Awards.

Previously Glen was fond of a more obviously slick look.

But you can opt to supersize the texture like Joe Keery, or even side part it and slick it back like Glen has in the past, and like Leo is fond of doing every time he hits the red carpet.

In a nutshell, it’s a way more versatile look than you’d think – and MFH does love a haircut that comes with an element of surprise.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Glen’s hairstyle, your barber will divide hair into sections to separate the top from the sides and back.
  • To taper the hair, they’ll use a clipper with a higher guard (#3 or #4) and decrease the guard size as they move towards the bottom.
  • When tackling the top section, they’ll hold the hair straight up between their fingers at a slight angle and use a point-cutting technique to get rid of any bulk.
  • This also enables the hair to sit well and be more easily styled.
  • Glen’s hair looks to be around 3 inches in the fringe area, with other choppier layers in varying lengths throughout the top of the hair adding texture.
  • Your stylist will ensure that the longer lengths on top are skilfully blended into the tapered areas at the side and back.


Get The Look

  • To style a hairstyle like Glen’s you can simply wash and go.
  • On damp hair, spritz some texture spray, then as the hair dries, give it a ruffle and a bit of a scrunch.
  • If you want to showcase the texture a bit more, use a very small amount of pomade and tousle the hair as you apply it.
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