Chris Hemsworth: Textured Highlighted Hairstyle

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Chris Hemsworth’s textured, highlighted hairstyle is as casually tousled as if he’s just dried it off with a towel after a day on Bondi.

MFH says

Chris Hemsworth’s textured, highlighted hairstyle is a great short cut if you’re an active person and don’t want the faff of having to use loads of product and style it.

His just-right beard is also a winner too.

Chris keeps a fairly neat line at the neck so he most likely shaves that daily.

And keeps the rest of it regularly trimmed.

As for his hair product go-to’s? Apparently he likes Davines SU Renewing Protective After Sun Shampoo.

The product doesn’t seem to be available in the UK, but this lovely sun protection milk is a must-have if you spend a lot of time in the sun and swimming.

And MFH has heard that Mr H loves Tigi Bed Head Stick as well – the perfect product for that casually tousled look he loves.

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  • Chris Hemsworth’s textured, highlighted hairstyle can be wash and go.
  • And you can tousle that texture as little or as much as you want.
  • His hair looks to be around 1.5 inches long at the top, but it’s shorter at the sides.
  • It’s a little longer at the back with a gentle taper.
  • Chris’s hair has been cut into choppy, textured layers all over the head.
  • If your hair is thick, your stylist may use a razor or thinning shears to create a more choppy look.
  • Chris’s hair also has subtle highlights on the ends which – to the untrained eye – could look like his barnet has just been bleached by the sun.
  • That’s because he’s used a good colourist – this is not something to do yourself at home.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s short textured hairstyle is a low key style.
  • As it’s highlighted, though, and he clearly is out in the sun and sea a lot, it’s important to take care of it.
  • Don’t wash it every day if possible.
  • And when you do, use natural nourishing shampoo and conditioner.
  • There are also special UV products you can wear in your hair to protect it when you’re outside in the sun.
  • On damp hair use a sea salt or texture spray then ruffle it as it dries.
  • Or you can use a hairdryer on low heat if you’re in a hurry.
  • Then use a tiny bit of pomade or clay to shape it – lifting it up at the front, and tousling the rest of the hair on the top of the head.



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