Bradley Cooper: Slicked Back Wet Look Hair

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His film Maestro might not have garnered any awards, but Bradley Cooper’s slicked back look at the Oscars gets the MFH seal of approval.

Who needs a gold statue, eh?

MFH says

Sure, Bradley Cooper had a bit of help achieving that smooth AF slicked-back hairstyle, but MFH has gathered some intel on just how it was achieved, along with his glowing complexion.

His secret weapon? A makeup artist/hairstylist called Natalia Bruschi – who has also worked with Colin Farrell and Ben Affleck.

Talking to GQ UK online, she said that she usually prefers to cut her client’s hair on the day of a big event. “And if the hair is short with a lot of product in it, then I ask to wash it almost every time.

“But if it’s longer, I like it to be shampooed the night before which gives the hair more body and less frizz.”

Explaining that she point cuts his hair, she also raved about Balmain hair products, namechecking a sculpting wax and styling paste. (For more affordable options that are just as good, please see MFH’s product selections instead).

She does use a little makeup on Bradley for red carpet appearances to even his complexion but has one big tip: “Avoiding makeup on the neck – which will get on the collar of the tuxedo shirt – is very important!”



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  • Bradley Cooper’s hair is usually quite textured and tousled so this slicked-back look is a polished red carpet vibe.
  • If you want your hair to be versatile like Bradley’s talk to your hairstylist about how long you need to keep your hair on top so that it’s easy to style in different ways.
  • Bradley’s hair has been point cut and the layers look to be around 1.5-2 inches long.
  • This means he can use product to ruffle up the texture when he wants, but it’s long enough to slick back if he wants to change things up.
  • To achieve Bradley’s slicked-back look it’s all about the product.
  • Wash your hair and dry it (on medium heat) first.
  • Then apply a wet look wax or pomade.
  • Start with a small amount and comb it through the hair.
  •  Add more product as you go along to achieve the look you want.
  • Bradley’s hair has been combed back at the front and the sides.
  • There’s a small bit of lift in the fringe area at the front, which you can do with your comb – simply lift it slightly as you are combing it back.



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