Paul Dano: Softly Swept Back Hair

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Paul Dano’s softly swept-back hairstyle is as low-key and cool as the man himself.

Despite being one of the world’s most celebrated actors (most recently seen in Oscar nommed Meet The Fabelmans) he’s not one to make a big deal about his star status, or his style creds.

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Why We Love It:

Paul Dano’s softly swept-back hairstyle is the perfect in-betweeny look.

Say what? Well, as there are currently more A-listers going for a severe-slick-back hairstyle on the red carpet than MFH can poke a tub of wet-look hair gel at, it’s clearly the hairstyle du jour currently.

But…it’s not for everyone.

And this is where Paul Dano’s in-betweeny look comes in – it’s a soft sweep rather than a hardcore slick back.

So you get the on-trend vibe, with less severity.

A whole lot less confronting if you’re a bit self conscious.






What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Paul Dano’s softly swept-back hairstyle might have on-trend elements but it’s still a classic look.
  • His side parted hair is longer at the top and front of the head – at least three inches or so.
  • It has been subtly layered for ease of styling.
  • The sides of the hair have not been cut too close to the head either.
  • The hair at the back is a little longer – about an inch or two above collar length.

Get The Look

  • Paul Dano’s softly swept-back hairstyle can be styled for going out, or left casually floppy as it is in the 2nd photo.
  • But let’s go with the first look – spritz some texture volume spray on the hair for a little bit of grit and lift.
  • Then dry it using a vent brush to lift it slightly up and back.
  • Apply a small amount of pomade – warming it between your fingers first – and smooth it through the top of the hair as you push it back with your fingers.
  • Use a little leftover product to smooth the sides back too.
  • Pull a small strand of hair down onto your forehead.
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