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Barbers Predict Men's Hairstyle Trends After Lockdown 2020

Man For Himself asked a selection of top barbers to predict what hairstyles will be trending after lockdown comes to an end.

There is no denying, we’ve all be struggling with our hair during this lockdown period. None of us have been able to visit our barbers, so all our hair will have been through some awkward growing stages over the last couple of months.

The plus side is, once lockdown is over (fingers crossed), we will have the opportunity to change up our hairstyles. Man For Himself called up some of our favourite barbers to have a chat about which hairstyles they think will become the most popular.

Watch the video below and see if they’ve picked out your next hairstyle!

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The Barbers – Who Are They?

  • Anthony Mayes – Creative Director at the Refinery Mayfair.
  • Johnny Baba – Founder of Barber Barber salons.
  • Mikey – Co-owner of Manifesto in Kings Cross, London.
  • Alan BeakCo-owner of Ruger barbers.
  • Matthew Tharp – Co-curator of Individual Collective and Artistic Director of Joe & Co.
  • Ben Vowles – Head Barber at Murdock London.
  • Wez Jones – Owner of The Heartbreak Club.


Long Hair Vs Short Hair

If your hair is in a bad state at the moment, fear not – we are all in the same boat. All you need to decide is if you want to cut it all off for the summer or keep growing it.

You have plenty of options now your hair has had some time to grow. Once you have the opportunity to speak to your barber, make sure you have a consultation and why not try something different?

If you can’t wait to see your barber, have you thought about shaving it all off?! Check out the video below before you take the leap.

Watch The Video