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5 Men’s Medium Length Hairstyles To Try In 2020

Growing your hair into a medium length hairstyle doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need some inspiration. Check out our favourite medium length men’s haircut and hairstyles below!

The classic men’s medium-length length hairstyle doesn’t have to be that awkward in-between phase. It’s actually a really easy length to style, and you can play around with it as much as you want.

A key trick to a great medium-length style is to make sure it still looks neat and tidy, and not a grown-out mess.  This means, it might need a bit more maintenance and a more regular trip to the barbers, but if you can get it just right, you will be on to a winner.

harry-styles-medium-length-curly-hairstyle-with-brushed-back-fringe-hairstyle-haircut-man-for-himself-1.jpg Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Harry Styles

One Direction and solo artist singer, Harry Styles, is always adventurous when it comes down to his fashion style, but he does also like to experiment with his hair.

Back in his X Factor days, Harry was recognised for his lengthy wavy tresses, but he tends to keep it shorter these days. Saying that, we’ve never really seen him with a super-short style.

This medium-length suits his hair type really well. With the natural curls, he can pretty much let it do its own thing when it comes to styling, however, he does tend to push the sides forward and over his ears. He also keeps it swept off his face.

Curly hair can be unruly, but a top tip can be to use a diffuser when blow-drying, to set and tame the curls. Make sure to ask your barber if they have experience with cutting curly hair.

If you like a longer, more rock n roll-inspired style, this is a good one to try. To keep it youthful, stay clean-shaven.

chris-hemsworth-quiff-with-widows-peak-hairstyle-haircut-man-for-himself-1.jpg Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth

He may have rocked a long head of hair in the Avengers series, but Chris Hemsworth‘s everyday style tends to be a lot shorter and more on-trend.

For those of you, like Chris, with really straight hair, if you choose to grow it out into this length you will need to ask your barber to add plenty of texture to your hair. If you have really thick hair, it will probably need some of the weight taking out, but just make sure they don’t use thinning scissors.

Chris has some great layers and choppy texture in the top of his hair here and has kept it short on the sides to accentuate the length on the top. You could easily use a product, like a pomade, for a glossy high hold finish, or sweep it all back for a slicked finish. Alternatively just leave it more natural, bringing the fringe forward onto the face and add a bit of clay for definition.

orlando-bloom-medium-length-hair-hairstyle-man-for-himself-ft.jpg Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Orlando Bloom

Another actor who prefers to keep his hair shorter these days is Orlando Bloom.

He’s certainly got the suave look nailed here. He has a natural curl to his thick hair and this looks great grown out. For this style, the sides and back are kept tight, whereas the top still has some length. This also creates the illusion of a longer face shape.

Here, he has used some product – with a decent amount of shine – to define those curls. We would recommend a styling cream, which will build volume and texture. Similar to Harry Styles, you can use a diffuser to dry the hair and keep the curls in place. By subtly sweeping it over towards one side, it provides a more stylised finish.

His facial hair, with a connecting moustache and beard, works so well for this low-effort but fashionable look. If you have a thick head of hair, go for it.

henry-cavill-wavy-quiff-with-pulled-down-strands-hairstyle-haircut-man-for-himself-ft.jpg Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Henry Cavill

There is no denying that Superman actor, Henry Cavill, is all about that masculine look.

Trying out a medium length hairstyle means you can move and style to suit you. You can see here, Henry has chosen to embrace the natural wave in his hair. This kind of relaxed style works really well if you have a slight wave in your hair. You don’t need to stress too much about the styling, just add a small amount of product to define the ends.

Dare we say it, but Henry’s hair does appear to be starting to thin out. It happens! If your hair is starting to thin, this style can really work in your favour. Remember to ask your barber, what style will work for you, and if you go for this length, ask the barber to leave length on the top and sides. To build in volume, a pre-styler will really help you.

If you have fine hair (differs to thinning hair) don’t use any products that will weigh your hair down, you want some volume in there.

Find your natural parting, and sweep the fringe over to one side for a more stylish finish. Make sure you keep the hair around the nape of the neck tidy.

ryan-reynolds-short-back-and-sides-with-textured-quiff-hairstyle-haircut-man-for-himself-ft.jpg Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, always looks super-groomed.

This particular medium length hairstyle is certainly on the shorter side, but you can see he definitely keeps a fair amount of length in the top here.

Sweeping it over to one side, like Ryan, gives a more formal and sophisticated look. For this style, you need to keep it tight and well-trimmed at the sides to maintain a neat and tidy finish. This is a relatively high maintenance look as it will need trimming to keep it as polished as this. Ryan has relatively thick and straight hair, and if you match this, ask your barber to ask some texture into the top. Using a clay product, like this one, will work well for this style.

He’s actually starting to get a few flecks of grey here and there, so don’t be afraid to grow it out and embrace this natural change in colour.