Penhaligon’s The World According to Arthur

4.0 4 Star

Arthur sheaths his silver spoon and words like a sword. Now, fresh from the East, he’s mastered sage wisdom. So, that devil Lord George best keep his brother sweet. When incensed, he breathes fire.

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Why We Love It:

For me, Penhaligon’s The World According to Arthur is the definition of an ambery fragrance.

There’s a playful opening with smoky incense and a sharp hit of grapefruit but it’s the warm tonka and ambrette notes that really do the talking in this scent.

Most definitely one of my favourites from Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection.

Penhaligon’s The World According to Arthur Notes

  • Top notes: Vanilla, incense, grapefruit
  • Heart notes: Ambrette, clary sage
  • Base notes: Incense, tonka bean

What They Say

Transporting us through celestial empires, where a mystical dragon’s fire evokes an enveloping incense.The fragrance intensifies all the differing facets of incense by using three complementary qualities. Fresh, resinous and leathery.

Packaging: 4 Star
Smell: 5 Star
Sillage: 4 Star
Longevity: 4 Star
Overall: 4 Star

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