Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra

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Bracing desert winds. A riddle of bergamot and balsam. Dusk greets a convoy of fragrant woody amber – and just in time for tea. Warm myrrh makes tarrying tempting. But is it all a façade? Surely not.

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MFH says

I fell in love with Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra as soon as I smelled it at the UK launch. Beautifully inviting with a lihtly spicy, tarry quality.

It oozes sensuality, with a woody warmth and just a touch of sweetness.

Projection is fairly intimate after a while… but that’s okay when it smells this good. And performance is moderate.

I’d love the launch of a body cream or butter (what do you say, Penhaligon’s?) for Legacy of Petra. I want all of that decadence!

At £190, it’s really pricey, so get yourself a sample… or go big baller style and blind purchase it!

Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra Notes

  • Top Notes: Green Tea, Fennel, Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Myrrh, Olibanum, Licorice, Rosemary
  • Base Notes: Benzoin, Vanilla, Woody Notes

What They Say

A scent of warm desert winds and golden amber sands define Petra. A vivacious performance by fennel is herbaceous yet sweet whilst bright bergamot is complimented with a fragrant trail of nostalgic green tea. But the leading star is undoubtedly myrrh. ​

Packaging: 5 Star
Smell: 5 Star
Sillage: 3 Star
Longevity: 4 Star
Overall: 4 Star



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