Valtteri Bottas: Bleached Blonde 80s Mullet

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He might be an F1 star, but Valtteri Bottas is probably the most recognisable out of the driver’s seat thanks to this bleached blonde 80s-style mullet and moustache.

Tom Selleck called and wants his look back, etc…




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Why We Love It:

Nothing says “I spend a lot of time in Australia” like a man – in this case F1’s Valtteri Bottas – rocking a bleached blonde 80s-style mullet and moustache.

It’s a haircut staple amongst sports stars there, and as Valterri spends a lot of time Down Under with his Australian girlfriend, pro cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, he has clearly been seriously hair-fluenced.

He adopted his now iconic 80s mullet look in 2022.

The bleached blonde, however, is a new addition this year – you can watch the transformation. And the venue for the hair makeover? It was @attaboyhair in Oz.

While it’s a fun look, MFH would urge caution if you’re considering going platinum like Valterri.

The F1 driver has very obviously thinning hair, and going full bleach blonde – which will have to be redone every 5-6 weeks – is the quickest way to destroy those precious follicles if you don’t look after it.

And nobody wants to be on a losing streak like that, right?


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • It takes a lot of confidence to go for Valterri Bottas’ bleached blonde 80s-style mullet and carry it off.
  • If you’re keen, show your hairstylist pics of the style and length of mullet you want.
  • It’ll be helpful to show your stylist/barber MFH’s gallery of popular mullet styles and discuss what would work best for your hair type.
  • Valterri’s mullet has a slight undercut at the sides, is short and textured at the top, and just below collar length at the back.
  • He has dark blonde hair which is the best colour to go bleached blonde from.
  • If your hair is a lot darker, it’ll be harder to get to that platinum shade and your regrowth will show in around 2 weeks.
  • If you opt for bleach, check that your hairstylist uses an in-salon ‘bonding’ product to protect your hair during the colour process and afterwards too – these can include Olaplex, Wellaplex, and K18.
  • Also ask them for tips and advice on how to keep your bleached hair in the best possible condition.
  • Remember you’ll need regular salon visits – around every 4-6 weeks – to keep the colour looking good.

Get The Look

  • While Valterri’s mullet  is quite a wash and go style, it’s the bleached blonde that will need a bit of work to maintain.
  • You could use a sea salt spray for some grit and then blow dry it and ruffle it if you want to play around with the texture on top.
  • But Valterri tends to just keep his hair as is.
  • To keep your platinum hair from looking too brassy and yellow over time, use a purple or silver shampoo around once a week.
  • Mix half a squirt of purple shampoo with half a squirt of normal shampoo, mix together, then let it sit in your hair for around 5 minutes.
  • Once every 4 shampoos use K18 in your hair – this will help rebuild hair that is damaged from bleach.
  • After shampooing, don’t condition. Towel dry the hair gently.
  • Put one small pump of K18 into your hands, rub them together until it forms a white paste, then gently rub it into your hair all over.
  • Leave it for 4 minutes.
  • After the time is up, don’t wash the K18 out, just style your hair as usual.
  • Also make sure you protect your hair from the sun either via a cap/hat or using SPF.
  • Also a nourishing conditioner every time you wash your hair, and a deep conditioning treatment once a week, too.
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