Alex Albon: Short Hair With Wavy Fringe And Red Highlights

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Anglo-Thai F1 driver, Alex Albon has gone back to his roots, literally, with this short hairstyle, and that brilliantly ruffled fringe.

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Why We Love It:

F1’s Alex Albon might have his short hair concealed under a helmet for a lot of his day, but it doesn’t dampen enthusiasm for his latest hair look.

MFH loves that his helmet has given such great tousled fringe too.

And of course, those flashes of burnt orange highlights in his hair add another element of surprise. Though it shouldn’t, given his previous track record with colour.

After bleaching his hair in 2022, he confided to GQ Sports a year later about the hair superstition it encouraged.

“When I’m travelling around the world, I’ve been looking at hairdressers: ‘When can I bleach it?’ ‘When can I do just a tone?’” he said.

“There’s a whole logistical side to keeping my hair blondy-white.

“When I first dyed my hair I scored points which was a big deal for us. Then every single time I dyed my hair I had a good result.

“It’s not a great superstition to have as it’s not as simple as wearing a bracelet or something!”

Good news? It’s not as hard to get or maintain his naturally dark hair with those subtle reddish highlights he has now.

Hopefully they’re not hindering him from a blistering finish..

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Alex’s short hair been cut skillfully so make sure you go to a good barber or stylist.
  • Ideally show them a picture of what you want, and discuss any modifications you would like to the style.
  • And they’ll also talk to you about what will or won’t work for your hair type and texture.
  • Alex’s hairstyle has slightly more length at the top, with the fringe reaching to eyebrow length.
  • His hair then graduates down into choppier layers at the sides and is tapered subtly near the ears and back of the heat.
  • The reddish highlights are achieved by bleaching random strands of hair throughout the top of his head and fringe.
  • Don’t try this at home as you need to be very precise about timings.
  • The colour is left to develop for a shorter time until the hair turns this reddish/ginger tone, and not blonde.

Get The Look

  • Alex clearly just lets his hair dry the way it wants to.
  • While his natural waves in the fringe area have been activated by being in a helmet for hours, you can achieve a similar look if you have wavy hair – without any headgear.
  • When your hair is wet, simply scrunch the ends of the fringe as it dries to give it a bit of movement.
  • If you prefer a straighter look, as you blow dry your fringe brush it from side to side as that helps give it a little bit of movement, sans the messy look.
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