Gabriel Basso: Textured Crew Cut

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Otherwise known as The Night Agent (on Netflix), Gabriel Basso’s textured crew cut might not set the hairdressing world  on fire and time soon, but it suits his boyish good looks.

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Why We Love It:

Gabriel Basso’s textured crew cut very much gives “I’ve just rolled out of bed onto the red carpet”.

And while MFH is all for a fuss-free look, his hairstylist could have been a little more creative – perhaps even trying a low key fade or perhaps even turning it into more of a french crop.

But Gabriel’s striking, natural, dark reddy/brown hair colour is *chef’s kiss*.

Mother Nature gifted him something special there…

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Gabriel Basso’s textured crew cut is very choppy and textured.
  • The length is virtually the same all over, but with a whisper of extra length on top.
  • And because of the way his hairline grows, it almost looks like he has a micro fringe.
  • To keep this style looking neat and fresh, you’ll need to get it cut at least once a month, if not more.

Get The Look

  • Gabriel Basso’s textured crew cut is a very low-maintenance style.
  • It’s best to not wash hair more than a couple of times a week if you can.
  • In between washes, spritz it with some dry shampoo.
  • To give the hair some more movement ant tousle, you can add a texture spray to damp hair.
  • Then ruffle a tiny amount of pomade through it when it’s dry after warming between your hands first.
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