Jeonghan’s Hair: Long, Bleached Blonde Half Up Hairstyle

K-Pop boyband megastar Jeonghan’s hair is what MFH would call ‘androgynous grunge’, with its deliberately yellow-toned bleached blonde and undone styling. The perfect Glastonbury vibe for his band Seventeen’s performance.

Why We Love It:

As part of K-Pop boy band Seventeen, Jeonghan’s hair is subject to serious scrutiny. And we mean intense.

Various threads on Reddit attest to the popularity of his hair – apparently when he cut it off in about 2016, he virtually broke Twitter.

One of the reasons for his obsessive follicular fan club? It’s because his various long hairstyles gave him an androgynous look which not many South Korean men were brave enough to do at the time.

So fans watching Seventeen’s performance at Glastonbury must have been over the moon to see Jeonghan’s long hair back, especially with this slightly grungy, bleached blonde twist.

He’s pulled the sides of his hair back a little, probably into a little ponytail or bun at the back, which keeps his hair from falling into his face while he’s pulling off those dance moves on stage.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Jeonghan’s hair has most likely been point cut into very subtle layers throughout.
  • This will give it movement, and help avoid it hanging limply.
  • The curtain-style fringe is angled, starting at around eyebrow length, then getting longer, so it’s around an inch above his ears.
  • The yellowy tone on his bleached blonde hair has been done deliberately, to make it look DIY.
  • Trust MFH, he would not have done this at home. And we don’t advise it either.
  • The stylist would have left the bleach on for a certain amount of time to ensure it didn’t go fully platinum.
  • And the yellow tones were possibly enhanced further via a toner.
  • Be aware that if you have dark hair, your regrowth will start showing after a few weeks.

Get The Look

  • As bleached blonde hair is very fragile, don’t wash the hair more than a few times a week if possible.
  • Use a purple or silver shampoo once a week if you want to avoid the hair going even more yellow.
  • Before blow-drying, always apply a heat protector.
  • Hold the hairdryer down as you dry the hair because this flattens the cuticles, so the hair looks smooth.
  • If your hair is a little wavier than Jeonghan’s, run hair straighteners through it quickly to get rid of the kinks.
  • But Jeonghan’s look is not about looking dead straight and polished.
  • Take a small section of hair at each side above the ears, and tie it back with a small, invisible hair tie.
  • To nourish the hair, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, and leave it on overnight, ideally.
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