Austin Butler: Long Beachy Hairstyle

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Austin Butler‘s hairstyle is the perfect example of how a sea salt spray can work wonders for long hair. This beachy loose-wave hairstyle looks effortless on him.

MFH says

Beachy waves aren’t just a hairstyle for summer as AustinButler so perfectly demonstrates. Wearing it just below the shoulders is the perfect length for framing – and defining – Austin’s model features.

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  • Long length all over.
  • Same length all over.
  • Scissor cut.
  • Visit your barber regularly to trims the ends and keep the hair healthy.
  • This hairstyle is all about embracing the natural movement and wave in the hair.
  • Use a sea salt spray, in pre-styling, to create that ‘beachy’ look – work in some texture and definition to the natural waves.
  • For extra grit and texture, try a spray putty like this one by Fatboy.



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