Jason Momoa: Man Bun With Undercut

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He’s probably more famous for his long, flowing, waves (FYI we don’t mean the ocean kind) – but Jason Momoa’s man bun with undercut is more about showing off his awesome new head tattoo than his luscious lengths. Of hair.


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Why We Love It:


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Jason Momoa’s man bun with undercut might not need a huge amount of maintenance, but regular trims are key.
  • In an interview with menshealth.com, Jason’s hair and makeup artist, Jen Stanfield, says it stops the ends getting dry.
  • She also said that if you’ve got curly hair like Jason and are trying to grow it, getting the weight taken out is crucial so it’ll grow out better.
  • “When growing curly hair, there’s a stage where it grows out before it starts to grow down and hairdressers can take out weight without removing too much length,” she explained.

Get The Look

  • Jason Momoa’s man bun with undercut is all about keeping your haircare simple.
  • And your shampoos around a week apart.
  • “We didn’t wash his hair more than once a week [while filming Aquaman] and we didn’t use shampoo,” his hair and makeup artist, Jen Stanfield, told menshealth.com.
  • Why? Apparently it made his curly hair too fluffy – and curly hair is prone to dryness and frizz.
  • So she used a conditioning wash once a week instead.
  • Jen also used coconut oil to condition Jason’s curly hair.
  • If that doesn’t sound like your thing, then use a leave in conditioner, especially on the ends.
  • And for those surfer-esque, beachy waves? The answer is: sea salt spray. She recommends the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.
  • If you spritz it through the hair and leave it to dry naturally (she recommends air drying the hair as much as possible), it’ll make your waves look more lived in and tousled.
  • If your hair gets a little greasy in between those once-a-week washes? Use a dry shampoo and spray it right into the roots before tousling it through the hair.
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