Ben Cobb: Long Curly 70s Hairstyle With Side Parting

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This long, layered and curly hairstyle isn’t for everyone but we love how committed editor Ben Cobb is to his top-to-toe 70s look. It can be worn with either a centre or side parting.

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Why We Love It:

The 70s are back in a big way and Ben Cobb definitely got the memo – or did he in fact write the memo? After all as former editor of the fashion magazine Another Man and current editor of Perfect Magazine, he certainly has style kudos.

Straight out of the seventies this long, curly hairstyle can be worn straight or messy; with a centre or a side part and to really hype-up the drama go for a top-to-toe seventies look like Ben and grow a handlebar moustache. Now where did we put our flairs…

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Ben Cobb’s 70s, long hairstyle it might be worth visiting a curly hair specialist.
  • Ask your barber or stylist for a long, layered scissor cut.
  • Ben’s curly style ends just above his shoulders but you’d still get 70s vibes if you went just below the ear.
  • What’s key to this look is layers and the hair being cut to frame the face.

Get The Look

  • We love how Ben Cobb’s 70s hairstyle looks glamorous but dishevelled. Achieve the look at home by working with any natural texture you have and accentuating the layered cut.
  • When washing hair use a volume shampoo if hair is on the thin side, then apply pre-styling products such as sea salt spray or thickening foam to add texture to towel dried hair.
  • Leave to air dry or blow dry on a low setting to avoid curls and waves going frizzy.
  • Finish the look with a grooming cream or texture-enhancing lotion.
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