Man for Himself

Face Washing Do's and Don'ts

We’re breaking down the correct ways to wash your face and what you should do to get flawless-looking – and feeling – skin.

Washing your face isn’t rocket science, but there is a correct way to do it. We’ve seen people mindlessly put products on their faces, thinking that’s all there is to skincare when in reality, it’s doing them more harm than good. So we’re here to right those face washing wrongs and get you back on track to achieving clear, healthy skin.

1. Skincare Products

If you’re using a heavy, abrasive exfoliant, then you should ditch it right now. While it leaves your face feeling squeaky clean, it actually strips your skin of moisture and in turn, can eventually dry it out. Your skin will also start feeling tight with too much use of a cleanser that has Calcium carbonate for example, so you need to find something different.

Instead, opt for a light cleanser that cleans without stripping. Pump a little bit onto your hands and lather straight onto wet skin. 

2. Technique

Yes, there is a proper way to wash your face. Do not scrub it up and down and instead use little circular motions. Gently work the product into your face, onto the neck, onto the forehead, around the nose, behind the ears, onto the ear, and down onto the chest in a massaging, upward motion. This way, your skin won’t stretch and your pores won’t enlarge.

3. Duration

Washing your face isn’t something you can’t rush. It takes some time to complete a routine, just like with everything else. We know that in a day-to-day scenario, especially if you have somewhere else to be it can be difficult to keep this up, but take it as a time to switch off before heading out. You can definitely take a shorter time in the morning but at night, this is where you can go in, pamper yourself, and recharge.

4. Skincare

A lot of men think that once you’ve finished washing your face, you’re also done doing skincare. While you’re already doing a lot more than most men, it definitely pays extra to go the distance. 

Invest in good products and you’ll notice the difference pronto. Use a toner after cleansing to get rid of the stubborn dirt and oils stuck in your pores and apply serum, moisturiser, and SPF as needed. Get something that suits your needs and skin type and create a routine that you can sustain. Trust us, all the work you’ll be putting in will be worth it as you age.

Those are our face washing commandments. Take these pointers, filter out what works for you and integrate them into your own regimen. You’ll thank us later.