Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator Cleanser

Deep cleansing exfoliating face wash – removes excess oil, sweat and pollution to reduce the appearance of shine and pores.

User Rating: 4
Overall: 4 Star

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MFH says

Big fan of the Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator range. Should be a skincare product staple for all guys with oily skin. This one washes and exfoliates. Don’t overdo it – twice a week is perfect.

Micronized Apricot Seed and Argan Shells

Exfoliating ingredients that loosen flaky buildup and sloughs away dead skin cells on the surface of scalp.

Salicylic Acid

This beta-hydroxy acid refines skin texture and possesses anti-bacterial properties to suppress acne bacteria.


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  • Chris says:

    Great product – Does what it says and does it well. Lasts a longtime as well as you don’t need to use much. Don’t try and use it everyday though !

    User Rating: 4