Fragrance. One Date For Men By Jeremy Fragrance

2.02 Star

Date For Men is the second launch from Jeremy Fragrance. This is a fruity Eau de Parfum with an opening of mandarin, lemon and bergamot. It settles with more rich and seductive notes of ambrox, musk and oud – with the intention of attracting the attention of your date.

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Why We Love It:

It’s not a bad launch at all. Fresh, playful, citrusy, with a hint of sweetness. Great performance.

But here’s my issue…

Forgetting about the juice, the packaging is poor and lazy; and at €219.99, you’d be hoping for a fragrance that is a little more impactful and unique. It’s a mass-market, commercial crowd pleaser at a premium price.

Date For Men Key Notes

Top: Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon, Artemisia, Cardamom.

Heart: Ambrox, Extreme Woods, Juniper.

Base: Musk, Patchouli, Oud Essence, Vetiver.

What They Say

The fruity opening of DATE is the flintiness on a date, the laugh and smile, the rich mids through patchouli and cardamom brings the seduction, then we have the immortally masculine oud, and super sexual vetiver.

Packaging: 2 Star
Smell: 3 Star
Sillage: 3 Star
Value: 2 Star
Quality: 3 Star
Overall: 2 Star

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