Parfums de Marly Greenley

Light and bright but grounded and assured, Parfums de Marly Greenley EDP is a crisp and sophisticated fresh citrus.

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Why We Love It:

Light and bright but grounded and assured, Parfums de Marly Greenley is a crisp and sophisticated fresh citrus.

It can often be difficult to find a summer-appropriate scent. You want something lively and uplifting but you also want a summer scent that will cut through the heat and last on the skin. And that’s exactly what Greenley does.

The opening is a gorgeous dance of citrus notes; with a punchy pop of juicy mandarin, Sicilian bergamot and – the star of the show – crisp apple. I’m always really very drawn to fragrances with an apple note. There’s a clean and crisp freshness that is both considered and quietly confident.

Moving from the top down through the heart and into the base are a warming mix of woods and golden amber notes. The performance is good and it really does last on the skin.

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Parfums de Marly Greenley Notes

Top notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Apple, Cashmere Wood.

Heart notes: Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Violet, Pomarose.

Base notes: Oakmoss, Musk, Amberwood Accord.


What They Say…

Parfums de Marly unveils its new fragrance, Greenley. A Luminous Fresh Citrus fragrance.

The essence of nature. Greenley is a source of pure energy.

A fresh splash, green and fruity, and a vibrant tribute to the power of the earth. A dual aesthetic between nobility and nature, classicism and the avant-garde, transparency and depth.
Greenley upends the traditional olfactory pyramid with a vertical overdose of Cashmere wood in the top, heart and base notes. Every note, every accord, is magnified by the naturalness of its raw materials.
A joyful whirlwind of fruit, citrus, bark and sap. The surprise of a crisp, tangy green apple.

A burst of bold freshness.

Parfums de Marly Greenley | Fragrance Review

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