Dark Circles and Eye Bags

What are dark circles and eye bags?

Although dark circles are different from eye bags, the two tend to occur together. Dark circles refer to a condition where the skin under the eyes becomes darker due to a variety of issues (including fatigue). Eye bags refer to swelling around – but mostly under – the eyes. Similar to dark circles, eye bags are often caused by levels of tiredness, although a variety of other factors can cause them.

How are dark circles and eye bags caused?

  • Sleep – The most common cause of dark circles and eye bags is lack of adequate sleep. The health of the skin has often been associated with the quality of sleep. Once deprived, the skin becomes pale, making blood vessels and pigmentation around the eyes look more prominent. Lack of sleep also hinders the skin around the eyes from draining excess fluid. As a result, these fluids accumulate, resulting in a puffy appearance.
  • Drugs – Drug use has been associated with both dark circles and eye bags. Not only do these substances compromise the health of the skin but they also affect how the body distributes and eliminates excess fluids. When skin is affected in this way, it tends to look paler and loses its natural glow. Black circles will form around the eyes where there is a large concentration of blood vessels.
  • Genetics – Unfortunately, for some skin types, the occurrence of dark circles and eye bags cannot be avoided. It can naturally vary from person-to-person.
  • Allergies – Your eyes can become puffy as a response to an allergic reaction.
  • Age – This is a predominant factor in the production of dark circles and eye bags as they are often considered as a sign of ageing. Cell deterioration affects the distribution of fluids and their removal when in excess. As the cell functions become less efficient, eye bags tend to appear. As we age, our skin becomes paler and loses its elasticity. This will also make dark circles appear even darker!

How to remove dark circles and eye bags

  • A good diet helps to rejuvenate the skin and improve the distribution and removal of excess fluids. This has been proven to reverse the appearance of black circles and eye bags.
  • Proper hydration improves skin quality and can help to deal with dark circles and eye bags.
  • Sleep is extremely important as it rejuvenates the skin and provides the opportunity for the body to get rid of excess fluids. Exhaustion is one of the main causes of dark circles and eye bags.
  • Home remedies such as placing tea bags, cucumber patches, and tomato paste mixed with lemon juice around the eyes can be used as possible treatments
  • There are several surgical processes, including fat transfer, which can be used to remove eye bags. You would need to speak to a professional before considering this. Other professional approaches include hyaluronic gel injection and laser skin resurfacing. These are an expensive alternative but have been proven to work.