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Sleep Better, Look Better | 5 Tips To The Perfect Sleep

Sleep better to look better with these 5 top tips!

There is a direct correlation between a good night’s sleep and how we look and feel. Our body needs sleep to repair itself and recover. Having a good night’s sleep can give us thicker and fuller hair; reduce wrinkles; minimise dark circles under our eyes; and give us a brighter complexion.

If you’re having a little trouble getting to sleep, or you just want an extra enjoyable slumber then carry on reading to find our best 5 tips to the perfect sleep.

5 Tips To The Perfect Sleep

1. Mattress

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep and whether you need 4 hours or 12 a comfortable mattress is vital.

Invest in a good quality mattress to get the most from your beauty sleep. The Casper mattress is carefully designed to give you the perfect night’s sleep. With four different foam layers, the mattress adapts and moulds to the shape of your body, making sure you can always return to that cosy spot.

Casper offer a 100 night trial so you have more than enough time to fall in love with your new mattress. If its not working for you, simply send it back within the 100 days and receive a full refund. But we’re pretty certain you’ll love it!

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2. Bedroom

If your room is busy and cluttered, you may find it tricky to doze off. With so much happening around you, your mind won’t rest easily and may result in broken sleep.

Try de-cluttering your room for a week and see if theres any improvements in your sleeping pattern. Studies have found that a tidy, open environment can almost double the time you spend in a deep sleep during the night. Ever wondered why you sleep so well in hotel rooms?

Also, try a scented candle to set the mood. This one from This Works blends calming lavender and soothing Roman camomile essential oils to soothe your senses and increase your inner peace.

3. Sleep Sprays

To some it seems like a wild, folksy remedy, but actually sleep spray can work wonders for helping you drift off.

A few spritzes onto your pillow can help to reduce any sleep associated anxiety and improve the quality of your kip, making you feel more refreshed come the morning.

Pick a scent best suited to you.
Whilst the most popular smells tend to be lavender and camomile,
testing a few fragrances will allow you to see which works best for you. 

 4. Hydration

It goes without saying that there’s not a lot in life that water won’t fix, and this works for sleep too.

Drinking water before bed will refresh your system and cleanse your palette. Remember to stop around 30 minutes before you sleep or you’ll be up and down to the toilet all night!

Drinking good amounts of water before bed allows your body time to cleanse the system and flush out any unwanted toxins, giving you a long and substantial sleep.


5. Electronics

Scrolling through our phones before bed is something we are all guilty of. Although you may think it helps you relax, flicking through your phone is actually one of the worst things you can do before bedtime.

Try to catch up on your social medias around half an hour before you intend to sleep, this will allow your mind time to wind down and relax. If you really need your daily fix, watching a little television before bed can help you slow down is least imposing on your precious sleep.

Turn your phone on to night mode about two hours before bed.
This will automatically turn off the blue screen and be less straining on your eyes.