Mark Ronson: Retro Pompadour/Quiff

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MFH is all shook up by Mark Ronson’s highly coiffed pompadour/quiff which gives us – and no doubt everyone else who sees it – serious Elvis vibes.
Which seems super appropriate for the Grammy’s, right?
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Why We Love It:

Superstar producer and muso, Mark Ronson, is not a stranger to hair product or ten – especially when it comes to this beautifully styled pompadour  x quiff hairstyle he rocked at the Grammy’s.
Heavily borrowing from Elvis Presley’s hair vibe, Mark’s hairstyle also featured some artfully pulled down curls, too – something beloved of every 1950s stylish man about town.
And it’s a classic look that still works just as well now as it did in the days of James Dean and Carey Grant.
It’s what MFH considers the LBS (little black suit) of hairstyles – it’s timeless.
Mark’s hair products of choice? MFH got a little insight from an interview he did a few years back with
“I usually dry my hair quick and then put something in it, such as texturising spray from Ouai – that’s really good – and then there’s a forming paste from this company called Living Proof that I like to use,” had admitted.
“I’ve recently started using Bed Head’s styling products too, which are really good for texture and volume.”
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What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you’re up for a Mark Ronson haircut, it’ll work best if you have medium-thick hair with a little bit of a wave. But of course it’ll still work even if you have dead straight follicles.
  • Your barber/hairstylist will trim the back and sides into a short tapered style. They’ll most likely use scissors and then clippers to taper in the hairline.
  • To get the volume for the perfect pompadour/quiff, you’ll need the length on top to be around 3-4 inches long – and your stylist will give it lots of texture to make it easier to style.

Get The Look

  • Mark Ronson’s hairstyle will take a bit of time to achieve.
  • You’ll need a hairdryer and a vent brush or medium round brush for starters.
  • If you have fine or medium hair, spritz your barnet with around 4-5 pumps of sea salt spray from roots to ends.
  • If your hair is thicker, spritz a texture spray throughout damp hair from roots to ends.
  • Then, using the vent or round brush, style the front of the hair on top up and away from the face, curling it around the brush to form the pompadour/quiff
  • The sides of Mark’s hair also have a bit of lift and volume, so use your vent brush to blow dry the hair away from the face at the side.
  • Pull a chunky piece of hair down from the centre of the fringe, and using a tiny amount of pomade, shape it into a curl using your finger (top tip: hold it into the shape you want then blow dry it so the heat helps it hold.)
  • Do the same with a chunky piece of hair at the top on the side.
  • Then using, the pomade, slightly ruffle your hair on the top, pulling a few pieces out at the back to give it a lived-in feel.
  • Spritz lightly with some shine spray, let that dry, then use hairspray to keep the style in place.
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