Lenny Kravitz: Long Chest-Length Dreadlocks

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The King of Cool, Lenny Kravitz looks positively iconic with these long dreadlocks which complement his 70s rock star style perfectly. *chef’s kiss​*

MFH says

Lenny Kravitz rocks his long dreadlocks with the kind of cool insouciance MFH has always wanted to have.
But then again, he’s a man who can carry off pretty much any hairstyle.
From short Afro styles, to cornrows – even a buzz cut – he’s never had a bad barnet.
However, he did make an error of judgement once.
He admitted in an interview with People that when he first moved in with his (now ex) wife Lisa Bonet, he forgot to bring hair products, so he ended up developing unintentional locs.
“I had never planned on dreading but I moved in with Lisa – I brought my instruments, my things and somehow, I forgot my comb. And after a couple of months my hair started matting and I was like ‘oh, I better do something,'” he said.
Luckily Lisa told him to keep them, and he did, for the following decade until 2000 when he cut them off the first time (a moment he called ‘very heavy’).
But luckily for us, his on again/off again love affair with his dreads is back on – and hopefully for the long term.
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  • If you want Lenny’s dreadlocks and you’re starting off with shorter hair, speak to your barber/stylist about the best ways to go about getting locs.
  • Also ask them how to protect your hair from damage, too.
  • Remember, getting them to chest length is going to take a lot of time, and patience, and your hair will look a bit messy when you start the process
  • When your locs are a bit more ‘mature’ – around a year after you first started your loc journey – you can get them trimmed.
  • An ideal time is when they need a ‘retwist’. This should be done no more than once a month – but some people can go for two months – it depends how fast your hair grows.
  • Ensure that your hair is healthy before starting the locking process.
  • This means regular conditioning and scalp care.
  • There are various methods for creating dreadlocks, such as palm rolling, twist and rip, and interlocking.
  • Choose a method that suits your hair type and desired look.
  • You’ll be able to find loads of tutorials on YouTube
  • Divide your hair into small, even sections. Smaller sections will result in more dreadlocks and may lead to a neater appearance.
  • As clean hair dreads better, use a residue-free shampoo to wash your hair, and make sure it’s completely dry before starting the locking process.
  • Depending on your chosen method, start working on each section to encourage the hair to lock. This may involve twisting, palm rolling, or other techniques. Be gentle to avoid causing breakage.
  • Regular maintenance is crucial for healthy dreadlocks. This includes palm rolling, separating any conjoined locks, and keeping your scalp clean.
  • Use products specifically designed for dreadlocks, and avoid those with heavy residues. Residue can cause buildup, making it harder for the hair to lock.
  • Remember that the time it takes to achieve chest-length dreadlocks will vary as it’s dependent on your hair type, growth rate, and maintenance routine.
  • Regular care and patience are key to successfully growing and maintaining your desired loc length.



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