Dylan: Thick and Curly Hair With Fade

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Got thick and curly hair? Well, try this haircut and style. It’s bang on trend and really easy to maintain and style yourself at home.

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Why We Love It:

This is a really great haircut and hairstyle to make the most of the curls you have.

By keeping the back and sides short, the curls appear bigger and more defined.

Check out ‘What To Ask Your Barber‘ below…

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Hair should be clean and towel-dried before cutting.
  • A low zero placement line is first put in.
  • The bulk is then taken out with a clipper grade 2.
    • Blend down to the zero –  a 2, then 1.5, 1, 0.5 and then  guard open and closed on the bald blade.
  • To keep it neat, use detailers around the ears and down onto the neck.
  • To blend, use clipper-over-comb, before connecting the top to the sides with scissors.
  • Some length is being off from the top, so first work out a guide length on the fringe, blunting to start.
  • After sectioning the hair,  a point-cutting technique is used to remove both length and weight.

Get The Look

  • Spritz some salt spray into damp hair.
    • This will help to add movement and texture to the style.
  • Scrunch the hair along with a hair dryer to enhance the curls.
  • For a more gritty texture, sprinkle some hair powder at the roots.
  • Finish with a light styling cream for definition.
    • By twisting the hair with the cream, you’ll enhance your curls with a light gloss.
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