Charlie Hunnam’s Hair: Medium Length Slicked Back Hairstyle

Charlie Hunnam’s hair in this classic, slicked-back style has a whiff of old-school Hollywood glamour about it.

It seems to be a favourite red carpet option for the Sons of Anarchy and The Gentleman actor – probably because it’s an easy, foolproof style that doesn’t take a huge amount of time to do.

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Why We Love It:

He’s played a lot of tough guy characters for whom hair styling isn’t a priority, so Charlie Hunnam’s medium-length hair, in this well-groomed, slicked-back style, proves its versatility.

Not only did the length and the style complement Charlie’s strong features, but it was also the perfect hairstyle to go with the Brioni tuxedo he wore to the Met Gala.

“I’m feeling good, keeping it classy, keeping it simple. It’s my first Met Gala. I didn’t want to go too far. Do you think I went far enough?” he said to a reporter from Entertainment Tonight.

Proving that even the coolest of dudes get a bit daunted when it comes to event dressing and grooming.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you’re after a style like Charlie Hunnam’s hair, it’s all one length and sits just above the collar.
  • Charlie’s hair is thick so he may have had some very subtle layers put in throughout to get rid of the weight, and to make it easier to style when he isn’t slicking it back.
  • So chat to your hairstylist about the best option for you.
  • It’s definitely worth getting regular trims every few months to get rid of any split ends to keep your hair looking really healthy and thick.

Get The Look

  • Charlie Hunnam’s hair is slightly wavy – if you have curlier hair you can still make this look work, but you’ll probably need to also use some hair straighteners.
  • On damp hair, use a small amount of wet-look styling product (it’s best to build it up bit by bit) like pomade, wax, or gel, and brush it through with a vent brush.
  • Blow dry on medium heat, using your brush to lift the hair slightly and sweep it back.
  • Charlie’s hair is not slicked-back severely – it has a small amount of volume at the top.
  • If you want extra hold, you can always add a little more product, then finish off with a spritz of strong-hold hairspray.
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