Carlos Alcaraz: Thick Heavily Textured Hair

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The barnet (and tennis skillz) that won Wimbledon – and Carlos Alcaraz’s thick, heavily textured hair barely even looked like he’d broken a sweat.

What a legend.

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Why We Love It:

The 20-year-old is the new king of Wimbledon – Carlos Alcaraz’s thick, heavily textured hair has also caught people’s attention.

Mainly because it’s so incredibly thick, yet it looked as unruffled and unsweaty as if he’d just taken a casual stroll in the park, instead of won the men’s singles at Wimbledon after five gruelling sets.

Carlos is usually seen sporting a precise buzz cut, but it looks like he was way too busy training to beat Novak Djokovic than spend time in a barbershop.

And while MFH thinks this hairstyle shows off how incredibly thick and healthy his hair is, something a little longer and softer – like a quiff – would be more flattering.

But MFH is sure Carlos is too busy admiring his Wimbledon trophy ATM to be fretting about his fringe…

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Carlos Alcaraz’s thick, heavily textured hair is a grown out buzz cut that is all about the layering.
  • Talk to your barber/stylist about how to get Carlos’ look – because they’ll need to adapt it to suit your hair thickness and your face shape.
  • On finer hair, the style would look better with a soft, choppy, textured fringe.
  • The hair at the back and sides is skillfully tapered to blend in with all the layering on the top of the head.

Get The Look

  • Carlos Alcaraz’s thick, heavily textured hair is fairly low-maintenance style if your hair is as thick as his.
  • If your hair is finer then use a volumising mousse or texture volume spray on damp hair.
  • Ruffle the hair as it dries naturally – or you can use a hairdryer on medium heat.
  • When it’s dry, you can add a bit more movement and texture to the hair by using a small amount of matt clay.
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