It’s not often that I add a scented candle to my list of ‘must-haves’, but this new collection has just flown right to the top!

When thinking of Yankee Candles, I would normally think of sickly-sweet cookies and cream, strawberry whips and bubblegum dreams – not scents like aftershave and hair tonic.

The new Yankee Candle Barber Shop collection is a swift departure from the norm and a refreshing addition to their already very successful lineup. With five different scents, each candle exudes masculinity, but with the, ‘I’ve just been burning a scented candle whilst I relax in my bubble bath’ reality.


I was recently sent two of the new limited edition range – Hair Tonic and Aftershave – and after initially turning my nose up to them, I quickly fell in love.

Aftershave is a mix of juniper and patchouli which gives off a woody aroma, whereas Hair Tonic is a lot lighter, offering a splash of citrus, coconut water and sandalwood.


I’ve been using the Hair Tonic candle every night for the past month. It’s been burning for hours and the smell lasts even longer.

The candles also look pretty great and fit perfectly with my ‘no clutter’ bedroom vibe. The minimalist black design of the glass container features a brushed metal lid and is sure to shatter all stereotypes of great smelling scented candles being found in twee and unattractive glittery glass.

At £12.99 for an 8oz/226g jar, I’d normally think twice about splashing the cash on a scented piece of wax, but these bad boys are seriously worth their weight in gold.

The Yankee Candle Barber Shop Collection is available in Aftershave, Barber Shop, Chrome, Hair Tonic and Hot Towel from here