I’ve got Christmas sorted! My men’s Christmas gift guide has all the grooming basics and essentials, all the way up to luxury gift boxes.

There’s something to suit (and please!) every guy.

Buying Christmas presents for men is one of the hardest tasks you’ll have to do all year. Most men (myself included) won’t say what we want or even hint at the things we like.

From my experience of buying for men and also from the comments I receive on my YouTube channel, I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to be direct – pick a gift that you think will suit them, their skin and/or hair…

And if you have any uncertainty, just keep the receipt on email!

Men's Christmas gift guide - hair and grooming

Ditch the gift vouchers (boring and uninspired) and choose from the many options I’ve listed below. These are brands and products that I know and love. They’re tried and tested; and come highly recommended by me!

As you’ll see, the gifts have been split into categories including; grooming boxes, hair products, skin care, fragrance and grooming gadgets.

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Men’s Christmas grooming gift boxes

If in doubt about buying a Christmas present, stick with a grooming box. They’re a fail safe option and come beautifully packaged!

Grooming boxes are a fantastic way to introduce a guy to new products and to help them experiment with their own skin and hair regimes.

They may seem expensive, but many have a much greater value than their retail price.

The Mr Porter and Mankind grooming boxes are particularly impressive!

 More about the Mr Porter grooming box here


Men’s hair products

I’ve split my men’s hair products into prep and styling. These are the two stages in my hairstyling routine.


I always start with – and recommend – a prep treatment before styling.

For guys with fine or thinning hair – use a thickening tonic first. This will plump the hair and prepare it for styling.

For guys looking for more texture – I’d recommend a salt spray.

For volume – go for a mousse!


For slick, glossy, Mad Men styles – go for a pomade.

For a laid back, loose and modern look – go for a clay.

For a style with definition and movement (especially after using a mousse) –  use a paste or putty.

Unsure what temperature to wash your hair at? See my article here

Men’s skin care

Cleansing and exfoliating

Exfoliate once to twice a week maximum. Exfoliating helps to rid the skin of dry and dead skin cells and encourages blood circulation.

For guys with oily skin – go for a charcoal-based cleanser.

For guys with dry skin – look for a product that is a lot lighter and creamier. If your skin feels tight and sore, change your product.


Straight after I wash and dry my face, I moisturise.

For guys with oily skin – go for a light serum (Kiehl’s or Lab Series are great).

For guys with dry skin – go for a moisturiser that is creamier and thicker in consistency.

Body wash

Everyone needs a little boost in the shower…



Picking a fragrance for someone else is tricky. Unless you know them really well, avoid it.

That said, these are some of my favourites from this year…


Men’s grooming tools

Christmas is the perfect time for man to upgrade his grooming hardware!

These are some of the grooming tools that I’ve been enjoying and lusting over all year.



Recommended in my YouTube gift guide video

These are the products I recommended in my gift guide video