Man for Himself

Manscaping Live!

I took three models through three manscaping looks. See how here!

Having seen an uplift in men asking for help choosing the best beard trimmers for manscaping, Currys decided to launch the first-ever Currys Presents: Below the Belt live show, hosted on YouTube – an interactive event that offered on-demand advice and guidance to guys across the nation on the subject of manscaping down below.

I joined TV presenter and journalist Anna Richardson to chat all things manscaping – including three looks that you (yes, you!) can recreate yourself at home.

To support the launch, the UK’s largest electrical retailer commissioned research to find out what percentage of men manscape; what tools they’re using and what the current trends are, which will be revealed during the live event.

Given that the event coincides with Movember, Currys have also committed to donating £20,000 to the Movember charity.

The Stats…

  • 62% of British males admit to using their beard trimmer to get perfectly preened pubic hair.
  • 40% of men admit they regularly use the same device for face and nether regions.
  • Almost a third (32%) use their bead trimmer to tidy up their testicles.
  • Top three most popular manscaping looks are ‘Tidy Up’ (52%), ‘Bald Balls’ (31%) and ‘Landing Strip’ (12%)
  • Almost half of all men (47%) have had an accident whilst manscaping.
  • 18% of all men surveyed are too embarrassed to ask for advice when buying a trimmer for manscaping, that’s despite 19% noting that it would be sensible to ask questions.
  • Only 12% of men check their testicles for lumps frequently, with 14% of men admitting they never check.

As men, we have so many choices and products available to us in grooming – from clays, pastes and putties, to serums, moisturisers and eye creams; but we so often overlook our body hair and the grooming that can be done down there!

Manscaping – shaping, trimming or shaving our body hair – is not only good for hygienic reasons, but some careful pruning can help to neaten and add definition to your body shape. With the right sort of trimming, you can even make the bits down there look that little bit bigger.

But don’t just go in willy-nilly with your face shaver, opt for a multi-grooming tool that has guards to protect your sensitive zone! Honestly, one little nick can cause so much pain! And a top tip from me, stretch the skin when manscaping. You’ll create a smooth canvas for your trimmer to glide across. Wrinkly, crumpled bits of skin really don’t play well with blades.

Watch 'Below The Belt'