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5 Grooming Steps You’re Forgetting

No grooming routine is complete without these 5 necessary steps!

Whether you’re in a rush or taking your time, there are some important steps to grooming that you’re completely neglecting. These are the things that will make a huge difference in the way you feel and look when done consistently. 

1. Nose hair

The unfortunate reality is that as you grow older, the more hair you develop in undesirable areas, like your ears and your nose. So get your trusty grooming device, like the Braun MGK7221, which has detachable heads for various uses and get to clipping. You don’t need to stick it deep inside your nose, just going around the outside gently will get those pesky hairs.

This is the safest and cleanest way, just don’t forget to wash your device afterwards.

2. Moustache hair

If you’re a guy that can easily grow a moustache, then you’re in luck. However, it can get a bit hard to manage sometimes, so make sure you’re constantly trimming it especially the hairs around the lip area.

Overhanging hair is annoying as it can get into your mouth or even worse, in your food. What you want to do is to take a comb or brush, give your moustache hair a little draw through, and snip whatever’s hanging. Make it a habit and your face is going to look neat as ever.

3. Cheeks

Yes, grooming your cheeks is a lot more important than it seems. It’s all in the detailing; you want to contour and edge your cheeks so it looks neat and defined. Wanting a more rugged look is fine, but if you want your cheekbones and jaw to be highlighted, then this is the way.

You can use the bald blade of your electric razor and go in with a light hand. One way to be precise (this is something that has worked for us time and time again) is to smile and keep moving your tool upward slightly so you get right on your cheekbones.

4. Neck hair

Trimming your neck hair can make you look like a totally different person and in a really good way. This has always been a telltale sign of those who truly care about their appearance as it’s an extra step that not a lot of people take. Ideally, you want to stop shaving just above the Adam’s apple and working it into your beard.

You can try and use a razor to fade it in for a smoother, cleaner look.

5. Body hair

Lastly, this is an area you might not pay attention to a lot and even more on someone else, but your chest area deserves a good trimming session every now and then. You’re free to go natural and keep it the way it is, but any bit of hair that’s poking out of your chest you may want to neaten. The same applies to your hair down there – look after it and keep it neat and you won’t run into any problems.

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You’re Forgetting These 5 Grooming Steps!