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Top Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair

These are the best men’s hairstyles for men who have curly hair.

Curly hair can either be natural or created.

There are different types of curly hair and they are not created equal. In fact, every curl pattern is different, as is every person with curls. There are curls that are shaped like tiny spirals, and some can appear S-shaped throughout the length of hair. Each type can be styled in numerous ways and requires varying levels of care and upkeep.

Typically, naturally curly hair can present a few challenges, but there is a reason why various hairstyles and cuts exist. Neatly styled locks can make your hair look fuller and stand out from a sea of straight-haired individuals. So we say it’s time to embrace your mane’s twists and turns with these curly hairstyles.

Lack the inspiration for a cool new hairstyle? Well, look no further as we bring you ways to style curly hair, as worn by A-list celebrities.


How Is It Characterised?

Key elements of curly hair:

  • Big, loose curls to tight coils
  • Fine, medium-textured  to coarse and thick
  • Can be inherited

Famous Men With Curly Hair

tom-holland-short-curly-hairstyle-mens-hairstyles-man-for-himself-ft.jpg FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

Tom Holland: Short Curly Hairstyle

Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth, has naturally thick hair and this choppy, on-trend, medium-length style really suits him. It’s all about those layers and building texture in the top, whilst maintaining the length. Keeping the sides tight ensures a neater finish.

How To

  • Keep the length on the top.
  • Tight and neat on the sides.
  • Chop into the top to create texture – don’t use thinning scissors.
  • Style how you like. There are plenty of options; slick back, leave natural, or build volume in the top and finish with a high hold clay.

Timothée Chalamet: Long Curly Hair

Work your natural curls like Timothée Chalamet has done. When using a mousse, work through root to tip and try using the diffuser on your hair dryer to maximise airflow across the hair.

If you want more volume, sprinkle some hair powder into the roots. A little goes a long way.

How To

  • Hair must be cut when wet – allows more control of the hair.
  • Hair must not be straightened whilst wet so the barber can see exactly where the natural curls sit.
  • Hair should be kept long, particularly in the back.
  • Use a styling cream, whilst the hair is damp, to tame any excess frizz.
  • You can leave it to dry naturally or try using a diffuser to set the shape and curls.
  • For more lift in the hair, try a hair powder into the roots.

Shawn Mendes: Medium Length Curly Hair

Pop singer, Shawn Mendes, has the perfect head of thick curly hair. He doesn’t over style it and embraces the natural movement and wave. All that’s needed for this type of hairstyle is a small amount of product for volume and definition.

How To

  • When drying the hair, you can use a diffuser to help set the curls.
  • Use a mousse as a pre-style to help create volume.
  • Use a styling cream to define the curls and tame any flyaways.

Harry Styles: GRAMMY Awards 2021 Hairstyle

I remember a time when David Beckham was the poster boy for great hair but these days, it’s all about Harry Styles. Short or long, he just works and owns it!

The perfect mid-length cut and style for anyone with naturally curly hair.

How To

  • For those of you with wavy or curly hair, grow it out and embrace the natural movement of the hair.
  • Try using a shampoo like Sachajuan Ocean Mist to pack the hair full of weightless volume.
  • Dry naturally or use a diffuser on your hairdryer.
  • For more volume, use a mousse as a pre-styler, to build volume.
  • Style with a product that will lock in all that movement.
cole-sprouse-grown-out-side-parted-hairstyle Taylor Hill/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Cole Sprouse: Grown-Out Hairstyle With Side Parting

Longer hairstyles are back in a big way – and Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse is an excellent example. We like the grown-out layers and like how Cole has worked with his natural texture to create that fringe curl.

Style hair with wax or a pomade to add shape and create waves. This layered cut looks great on wavy hair, if your hair is tightly curled you might struggle to get definition.

How To

  • When washing hair use a volume shampoo if hair is on the thin side, then apply pre-styling products such as sea salt spray to add texture to towel-dried hair.
  • Leave to air dry to get a really casual vibe.
  • Achieve the tousled look at home by working a matte paste or clay through hair when dry.
  • If you’ve got natural wavy or curly hair like Cole, look for nourishing products with hold.
  • Cole has a touch of shine to his look – achieve it with pomade.